The Manage My Health site is meant for you, the patient. This site gives you secure access to aspects of your notes at Whitby Doctors. It contains diagnoses, allergies, medications, lab and radiology results, electronic letters from specialists and the hospital, immunisations and upcoming recalls.

You can use it to track your own health goals and targets. You can also book appointments online and order repeat prescriptions. When your doctor files a lab result, it will go into ManageMyHealth and you will get an email asking you to login to review it. You will be able to see the comment the doctor has made on the result. You can use this site for online consultations or advice. We can use this site to send you reminders of appointments and for recalling you for immunisations or tests that you are due for.

To enrol, please read and fill in our signup terms and conditions form or you can ask one of our receptionists for this form.

At this time all Doctors and nurses will respond to prescription requests, online appointments, and medical queries. Access to Manage My Health is free but additional services may be charged. Standard fees for repeat prescriptions will apply to this service. E consultations will be charged at a minimum fee of $15, this will increase up to a consultation fee depending on the complexity of the consultation and time involved in responding to your email.

Whitby Doctors is able to upload information to a secure, encrypted website hosted by Medtech Global, a NZ company with 30 years experience in medical software. This information is made available to you via The medical information is not available to Medtech Global, as the information is encrypted.

It is important that you use a personal email address for your Manage My Health registration for two reasons: firstly an email address can only be registered once so if others who share your email address want to register they will not be able to do so on the same email address; secondly anyone who logs into your email address will see the emailed notifications from Manage My Health when your information has been updated, so you need to be sure you are happy for those who share your email address to be informed when Manage My Health updates your information.

If you have problems signing up or technical problems please visit the ManageMyHealth website.