You can use this form to request a repeat of medication that we prescribe for you for an ongoing health condition.

Repeat prescriptions are at the discretion of the doctor who may request that you make an appointment. If an appointment is required a nurse/receptionist will ring or text to arrange a suitable time.

The standard charge for a repeat prescription is $22 for an adult; $10 for a 13 -17 yr old; or free for under 13 year olds. If you would like your prescription faxed to a pharmacy we can arrange this at an extra charge of $5 – you will need to provide the contact details for the pharmacy. We take prescriptions to Whitby Pharmacy free of charge (on request only).

Please allow at least 48 hours between placing your request and collecting your prescription from the front desk.

If you require a prescription on the day you need to ring and speak to or leave a message for the nurse, there is an additional charge for same day prescriptions.

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